Reviewing Everything Inside My Bag

For the past two and a half years I have carried this bag with me everywhere I go. Here is everything that is inside of it today.

Bottles and Containers

➹ Travel-Size Contact Solution
I started keeping this in my bag after two separate instances of spending the night somewhere unplanned and having to put my contacts in two separate tupperware containers with water because I have been re-using the same pair of contacts for several months now and I am afraid to have them in any longer than a day without taking them out and washing them.
➹ M&M's Minis Canister (Empty)
➹ Small Ibuprofen Bottle
I refill this from a larger bottle of pills at home when it starts to get empty.
➹ Fiber Supplement Pills in Re-Used Pharmacy Bottle
➹ Miniature Bottle of Fireball Cinnamon
Given to me by Nadine.


➹ Oval Sunglasses with Red Dragon Windows on Sides
Purchased last Friday at the Fredericksburg Antique Mall while spending the day there with Jack. They are actually not antique at all and are made of some flimsy material but the memory of buying them is nice and they look neat.

➹ Blue Lens Fake Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
Purchased last October in a small shop in New York around the corner from Robin's apartment.

➹ Six Bobby Pins


➹ Blue PaperMate Write Bros. Pen 1.0
➹ Yellow VCU Pen with Stickers
➹ Blue Muji Pen 0.5

➹ Key of Unknown Origin
➹ Red Lighter with Red Light on Bottom
➹ Pocket Knife
My grandpa gave me this a year or so ago. I think that was the same day he gave me two of his bolo ties which I wear now on special occasions.
➹ Mojito-Flavored Lip Balm

Loose Cards and Paper

➹ Seven Chipotle Napkins
➹ Drawing on a Receipt from Felipe
El Pope, June 16th 2022. His receipt.
➹ Flyer
Was handed to me on my way out of the Warehouse. Must have been late last summer based on the date.
➹ Eye Doctor Business Card
➹ Clothing Repair and Sewist Business Card
➹ 2023 Frosty Tag
Christmas gift from Lauren and Kelsi. Gets you a free mini Frosty at Wendy's with purchase of food unlimited times for the year.
➹ Adult Entertainer Advertisement
Carter found a bunch of these in Las Vegas and gave one to me and to other friends of ours too.
➹ Grocery Store List
From my family's trip to a lake house in North Carolina last summer. Grace had come along and the two of us drove through heavy rain to buy these things from a Piggly Wiggly in the middle of an empty field.
➹ Fredericksburg Antique Mall Receipt
Receipt for the dragon sunglasses.
➹ Chinatown Fair Point Card
Used on October 21st, 2022 at Chinatown Fair in New York with Robin, Mary and Grace Carter. It was my first time going to this arcade which felt exciting and significant because I had wanted to go since my trip to New York two years prior when I met Robin in-person for the first time.

➹ Toy Tokyo New York Business Card
Walked around with Grace Carter the next day and kept this as a souvenir from a store we went into called Toy Tokyo which sold Japanese toys and figures.
➹ El Pope Receipt
June 16th 2022. My receipt.

Miscellaneous and Others

➹ Nine Pennies
➹ Two Nickels
➹ Four Dimes
➹ Seven Quarters
➹ My Wallet
➹ Little Twin Stars Card Holder
Christmas gift from either Lauren or Kelsi a few years back. Contains mostly gift cards and insurance cards in addition to this card that Robin gave to me once on my way out of their house after a visit.

➹ Light Blue American Spirit Cigarettes
Eight left. Last night K and I sat outside the studio to have a cigarette after class and a man in a matching top-and-bottom red Ecko Unltd. tracksuit with blue smudges all over his face politely asked if he could have one to which I obliged. Five minutes later he came walking back from the opposite direction and asked us where Kroger was and we pointed it out to him.

➹ Red, Green, and Blue 60-Page Memo Books
Originally only the red one was supposed to be in this bag and the green one stayed at my desk and I don't know where I used to keep the blue one. At some point they all ended up in here which I did not realize until right now.

• END •