I am eating kimchi out of a jar right now which might be my dinner for the night. The spice and the tingling sensations are an incredible sensory experience—fermented foods are God's gift to humanity. Also this week I tried fermented rice for the first time. The flavor is very close to that of sake but with less alcohol flavor and more sweetness. I am having trouble figuring out the best way to present it besides plain though. I tried an Indian-style seasoning method for it but I was missing half of the things it called for so that did not really work. I also tried a bowl of it with kefir stirred in and that was not bad but not quite perfect. If you have any recommendations please email me at mail@garrit.net and I will give it a try.


Had fermented rice and kefir for breakfast again today and I have come to enjoy the taste a lot. It makes a really simple and nutritious meal to start the day with. I also read that when rice ferments it becomes exponentially more nutritious than before; according to a Google search, an increase in; B complex, vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and selenium. So I guess I should keep eating it.

Tonight I'm going over to Jack's house and he's going to make lecso which is apparently a type of Hungarian stew which I think will be very tasty. I'll probably spend the night with him too, and I told him I want to figure out how to download and play a game called Cookie's Bustle, a Japanese point-and-click game from 1999 about a little girl named Cookie who believes she is a teddy bear. Here is an image from the beginning of the game in which Cookie witnesses a terrorist attack:

The bus driver refuses to let her on

These guys show up

They blow it up.

They are shot down by a helicopter