Last night I had a fascinating dream. A man attempts to buy a book in a bookstore and the two aging women behind the counter berate and bully him and take the book away. He attacks one of the them and she falls unconscious; as everyone else in the store flees the setting shifts to a bedroom inside an office building. The woman is disfigured in a plastic kind of way and still unconscious on the bed, while the man flips through oversized binders he found behind the cash register, desperately looking for the book with the intention of running away with it and avoiding arrest. Just as he finds the book and is about to leave the area, another, younger woman comes to check in on the injured one, stopping to check her appearance in the mirror in the busy hallway. She walks through the open door, and begins to have an irritating conversation with the woman in the bed while the man hides underneath it.

That's where the story leaves off, though before waking up the dream revealed to me the name of the story which is "The Makeover." I think I'd like to write it out more and maybe even publish it.

Things to buy at Kroger:
Condensed milk
Shaving cream
Firm tofu